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on 27/06/2007 at 02:29

We just wanted to "throw a bouquet" to the management and staff of the Riverwood. We were married there on June 9th and we had full run of the inn for the entire day. Upon arriving, we were told to "make ourselves at home". I don't think it could have been said better. Right from the start of the morning, when the girls got ready for the wedding there, right up to the following morning when all of our guests were treated to a contential breakfast - the overall experience of having our reception at the Riverwood was beyond expectations. A special thanks to Donna who was there to help ensure our day went smoothly. The reception hall made for the perfect atompshere for our "mix and mimingle" type reception, and having 25+ temperatures allowed our guests to enjoy the beautiful grounds and scenery. The accomodations are breathtaking, and all our family and friends who stayed at the end were amazed! Thanks to Chad, Jenny, and Donna for helping making our special day very memo
on 12/06/2007 at 16:59

1st class all the way! A truly world class resort. It was the nicest, cleanest and friendliest place I've ever stayed and the beds are so comfy!
on 12/06/2007 at 01:19

Our son just had the entire inn for his wedding banquet and we spent the nite there with a dozen of our family members...the most beautiful place we have ever stayed....world class service and the view is worth it all.
we recommend this place to anyone who would like to be treated like family...thanks to Donna....awesome service..
on 22/05/2007 at 23:28

I reserved the Riverwood Inn for my daughter's bridal shower. The banquet room was lovely, nicely presented. the staff was gracious and accommodating, and the food was delicious and plentiful . 20 of her friends attended and everyone was effusive in their praise of the service and the decor. Overall, it was an excellent experience - a wonderful memory for my daughter!!!
Many thanks to Chad and Jennifer, and to Dallas and the other ladies for their warm welcome and superb service!!
on 14/05/2007 at 18:46

I haven't stayed at the Inn, but I just attended a Youth Conference there on May 12, 2007 and we were lucky enough to get a tour of the place. From what I saw, it was amazing. The decor was beautiful and I would recommend this place to eveyone. I have already told my friends about it and my husband and I may come here for our 4th anniversary in September.
on 18/03/2007 at 12:34

We stayed at the beautiful RiverWood Inn February 3rd with a group of friends and found it spectacular. Both the accommodations and the service were excellent. Thank you very much for the lovely dinner too as it was excellent.

The atmosphere is lovely and we felt very much at home. This was due in large part to the staff who were so accommodating. We are looking forward to future visits, maybe in the summer when we can canoe that part of the river.

Thanks again.
Fred and Terry Gullage
on 17/03/2007 at 17:02

The inn and the setting are excellent. The workmanship in the finishing details is evident and the colours are even great. From the welcome to the good-bye's, everything was excellent and first class. Donna, Dallas, Lisa and Francis were all wonderful and had an eagerness to please that came from the heart. The salad, fish platter, homemade cheesecakes with bakeapples and blueberries were excellent and the substantial breakfast with homemade bread was great. I ate far too much of that smoked salmon beforehand.

If there's a better place in this province, I haven't stayed in it yet. There's good value for the money here .... I think if you can get people off the TCH and into S'dale you'll have no trouble keeping her full.

Our friends were all suitably impressed (and they're a critical bunch) and you can bet that the word of mouth is already circulating around Corner Brook.

Well done and thanks once again!
on 12/03/2007 at 00:45

Gorgeous hotel!!! Beautiful decor and furnishings, and the beds we amazing. The owners were soo kind and friendly, as well as the hospitality of the other employees. I would recomend this to everyone even if it's a bit out of the way.
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