Riverwood Inn

A new exquisite seaside chalet offering by RiverWood

SEA by Riverwood is a spectacular chic and rustic chalet nestled in "The Cove" of Halls Bay along Springdale's beautiful coastline. The chalet is a complete reconstruction of a historic home once resided in by a schooner builder and his family in the 1950s.

Rental chalet before and after

The inn owner had been monitoring the abandoned property and grounds for many years and was successful in acquiring this gem of a sea side escape in late 2015. Upon completion of the project in late March, Chad and his kids decided to reside in the chalet for the past 6 months as their exclusive summer home. It's a completely functional 1200 sq. ft. house featuring 2 queen beds and 2 baths with a third hideaway bed all with distinct water views and patio access.

Rental chalet interior

The main floor is a large open concept living, dining and kitchen area with cathedral spruce ceilings, birch floors and a central 14' rock fireplace and AV center. Outside features a 3 level cedar deck with more than 1000 sq. ft. of surface area and feels more like sitting on the wharf than the deck of this exquisite home.

Cozy and spacious interior with distinct seaside views
Rental chalet exterior

The offered amenities are totally complete and comprehensive citing the added advantage that this rental chalet was a genuine family home for the past 6 months; extra comforts include: propane fireplace, heat pump/AC, washer-dryer, dishwasher, Keurig, fire pit, Weber BBQ, and several other features!