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Other Attractions

The RiverWood inn's ideal location offers its visitors easy access to a diverse collection of appealing attractions and activities year round. Whether you desire a late June fly fishing expedition along Indian River or a strategic base for a winter snowmobiling trip with friends, this outdoor playground has it all!

Indian River Salmon Fishing

Indian River is an enhanced salmon river populated with a natural run of wild salmon plus a run of stocked salmon from lake nurseries on the Black Brook tributary. Both contribute to the yearly return of adult salmon to the river.

Indian River Falls

Traditionally, most of the salmon angling and catch in the river has occurred in the section between the mouth of the river and Indian River Falls. This is because the falls are the main obstacle to salmon migration on the river and returning grilse hold up in the pools below the falls. Above Indian River Falls the river has a continuous flow all the way to Indian Pond. While there are virtually no obstacles along this distance to slow salmon migration, there are scattered deep pools where salmon hold up and where some angling occurs. The extent to which the catch on the river historically has been concentrated below Indian River Falls is demonstrated by the fact that the annual count at the fishway at the falls has been assumed to be the spawning escapement on the river. Come visit one of the few places in the province where you can actually see Atlantic salmon jump the falls to continue their trek upstream to spawn.

Springdale Wetlands

A distinctive ecosystem was formed where Indian River flows into Halls Bay. It encompasses 15,000 acres of flourishing coastal estuary and accompanies one of the provinces most diverse ecosystems consisting of both terrestrial and aquatic species : Canada Geese, Salmon, Moose, Yellowlegs, Ducks, Berries, Hawkweed, and various other species.

H. C. Grant Heritage Museum

This museum is the three-story home of the late Harvey Clarence Grant, Springdale's first mayor. It exhibits artifacts from 1940-60's, such as a pump organ, a daybed, as well as tools, rifles, swords of the period.

Mainmast Museum

Located on the beautiful Springdale Harbor Front, this museum provides a look back on life in Newfoundland & Labrador in the 1800's. Exhibit includes pieces related to marine history, antique furniture, and antique woodworking tools.

Canoeing & Kayaking

The most popular canoeing route in the watershed is the Lower Indian River between Indian Pond and Halls Bay. This section has a gentle flow of water and with the exception of Indian River Falls, has no excessively challenging rapids or portage points. Flowing parallel and very close to the Trans. Canada Highway and intersecting with the Dorset Trails and Springdale Access Road, this section is readily accessible along its 35 km length, creating opportunities for canoeing trips ranging from a few hours to a full day or more.

Springdale Waterfront

Located on Halls bay, Springdale's waterfront is rich in history. Come see eagles that soar the bay, whales that visit the bay on their regular journey and icebergs that flow outside our bay, all a stones throw away.

Snowmobile Trails

Venturing onto snowmobile trails that criss-cross the wilderness is an exciting and healthy winter sport. Tours by snowmobile to the open country to the White Hills or Gaff Topsails offer an excellent opportunity for photography of moose, caribou and other wildlife in a remote natural environment. Ice fishing at the many ponds followed by a mug-up is hard to beat. A wonderland for snowshoers... leave right from the Inn to sites on the trail where one can get an extraordinary view of the Gaff Topsails at the West Brook Ecological Reserve (protected stand of red pine). During your adventure you can also visit many communities within the Green Bay region. Besides our existing snowmobile trails, construction is about to begin for the development of a groomed snowmobile trial in the Green Bay region, complete with shelters and observation points.

Indian River Cross-Country Ski Trail

Green Bay is attractive in any season, and adventurers are anything but dormant during winter months. This is when the real adventure begins in Green Bay. Get set to enjoy a day of cross-country skiing at our very own Indian River Cross-Country Ski Trails. Just a 12 km drive from Springdale, the trails are on gentle terrain, winding around ponds, across bogs and through picturesque stand of fir, spruce and pine trees. A variety of loops and trails meet the needs of novice, intermediate, and experienced skiers. For a small fee, the Indian River Cross-Country Ski Associations offers skiers groomed track set trails, across to The Whisky Jack Ski Lodge which has it's own trails for various level skiers.

West Brook Ecological Reserve

This 10.74 sq. km Red Pine site is situated at the headwaters of West Brook. Red Pine is presently the rarest indigenous coniferous species in Newfoundland & Labrador. Near the Trans-Canada Highway, 30 km southwest of Springdale.

M & C Peters Trail

Probably one of the most inspirationally beautiful places in all Newfoundland & Labrador, the trail is bordered with naturally occurring shrubbery and plentiful wildlife. Several branches of the trail lead to hidden lookouts, river shores, and rural areas in Springdale. The entrance of the trail is located on Circular Road on the outskirts of Springdale.

Alexander Murray Hiking Trail

If you're seeking for adventure, while at the same time experiencing Green Bay's rich culture, scenery and wildlife, you must hike the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Don't forget your camera!